Plant Tour Tips

Most industrial plants have background noise levels that interfere with communication between employees and guests. In addition to high noise levels, distance between workers and PPE requirements are additional barriers to overcome during tours and training of all kinds on the factory floor. Tour guide systems provide users the ability to speak and hear no matter what distance or noise levels are in the immediate vicinity. Also fully PPE compatible!
purpose of a plant visit

23 Jul: What is a Plant Visit?

As a manufacturer, your primary job is to produce a high quality product while keeping everyone within the facility safe. Due to this, you may not instantly love the idea of outsiders coming into the plant and taking walking tours…

26 May: What are the Benefits of Plant Tours?

A manufacturing plant is essential to a business’s success. Being able to respond quickly to customers’ changing preferences, improving a production process and increasing production capacity are just a few of the ways top firms can stay ahead of their…